Why is Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor ‘a smart idea?’

Why is Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor ‘a smart idea?’

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Homeowners struggle selling their homes due to many reasons. The U.S. market economy is considered by some to be the world’s most fragile due to the unpredictable recession risks. According to some late studies, it’s hard to predict consumer-behavior in the U.S markets, that’s why the country experienced the Great Recession.

Recession hampers industries, sometimes with no option for a quick recovery. And one of the most vulnerable victims of recession is the Real Estate Industry. As per the statistics from 1995-2016, the number of houses sold in the U.S. has evidently decreased to 560,000. There are many causes of the drastic fall in number, but the key ones are ‘recession,’ ‘unemployment,’ and ‘vulnerable future.’ Homeowners often don’t find a suitable buyer, which may lead to foreclosure or selling their properties at much lower prices than market value.

Real estate investors come handy in such a scenario.

Who are real estate investors and what do they do?

Real estate investors are into the serious business of buying and renting houses to make profit. They look for properties, especially distressed properties, to buy. For example, when a homeowner needs instant cash against their house, but struggles with finding a suitable buyer on time, real estate investor may come to the rescue with cash on offer. They are ready 24/7 to buy any distressed property that they can put some work into, then resell on the market for a profit. They offer fair market value, which is often erroneously perceived as below market because it not only includes the location but also the current condition, for a quick, definite sale.

Yes, thinking you are selling below market may not seem like the best option, but when considering the condition of your home, and a confirmed closing date, this option can be highly-useful. Thus, before you immediately discredit this idea, let’s focus on the benefits of approaching real estate investors in New Jersey, who advertise: ‘We buy houses in New Jersey.

Absolutely commission-free

From seller concessions to closing costs, the conventional method of selling a house costs the homeowner dearly. Selling through a realtor is a good idea only when you have already bought a new property, and you have no mortgage payments pending. All you can do right now is to wait for a suitable buyer who can pay the asking price for your property, and even then you still have maintenance and utility costs. But don’t forget, your realtor has already cut a good percentage of your income off as a commission fee, and you will still owe closing costs. With real estate investors, there are no such commissions or closing costs, and the amount offered is entirely yours.

Three things that you get rid of in the process:

Wait time, hidden-fees, and shocking surprises!

Sell your house ‘as-is’

A depressed house never looks inviting with mold all around and malfunctioned plumbing. A typical buyer will always want you to repair the entire property before tapping the price off, which may cost you dearly. House renovation work is expensive with hidden charges attached. Whereas, a real estate investor will buy your house ‘as-is.’

Flexible timeline and quick closing

Typically, closing on a house once you find a buyer takes three months to a year, but with a real estate investor, you can expect the closing to take place within 30 days, and often within 7-10 days. A great option to those who are looking for quick cash against their properties.

Besides, there are a few real estate investors who get ready to close the deal any time the homeowner wants. If you are the one in need of quick cash against your house, contact Turbo Home Solutions as they advertise, ‘we buy houses in NJ’ at any time of the year.

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