Know Why It Is Better Selling an Inherited Property Than Probate

Know Why It Is Better Selling an Inherited Property Than Probate

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probate process in New Jersey

In essence, probate NJ is a legal process that incorporates the identification, valuation, and liquidation of assets of the deceased, followed by paying off all pending debts and taxes. Any remaining assets are to be distributed amongst heirs or inheritors. In the US, a majority of states including New Jersey have adopted the UPC (Uniform Probate Code), which helps streamline the lengthy probate NJ process, giving the estate executors some more time and flexibility. For the states with UPC, probate is more paperwork than visiting court every now and then. However, if there is a rising disagreement between inheritors, the court by default comes in lead. Most times, the house is sold and value is distributed. Now, the predicament is how to move seamlessly through the process –

Get Professional Advice

The legal process varies from state to state, and sometimes even city to city. When there is a disagreement between inheritors, consulting an estate attorney or planner becomes a must. Without proper information and procedural knowledge, selling an inherited property isn’t possible. Most times, an inherited property comes with tax implications and capital gains taxes on property sale. Considering this, you should also talk to a real estate agent to learn about the current local housing market.

Note* Your property may be worth way more (or more realistically, less) than you are thinking. You should consult a professional for a better estimate.

Talk To A Real Estate Investor

No one particularly enjoys spending time in court, especially when there is a lengthy legal procedure involved. However, while you have already decided to sell the house and distribute the value, talking to a real estate investor is a must. Now, why an investor rather than any typical buyer or real estate agent? Inherited properties typically are not in state of the art conditions, often needing quite a bit of work. They can typically be depressed properties of the deceased that can often contain tax balances or liens due. A typical buyer will never agree to buy a depressed property that is still under debt and tax liability.

  • The second choice is real estate agent or a realtor, who you should avoid coming in contact as much as possible. A realtor is a big commission taker. 5-7% of your total value will go into his account if you get your property sold through him.
  • The last remains – Real estate investor. An investor will buy your house as-is and without charging any commission or closing fees. Other than this, it is an ‘on-the-spot’ deal with cash being processed within 7-10 days. No sense in waiting months on end for the property to sell through a real estate agent, when you can have a done deal in a set period of time!

The Conclusion

We have a recommendation – Turbo Home Solutions. They are experienced real estate investors operating in the industry. Having dealt with multiple homeowners across the state, Turbo Home Solutions stands apart with the fastest and most seamless property selling and buying process in the market. They have no commission charges, no closing charges, yet conduct the fastest closing.

Keeping you free from renovations and repair costs, taxes and utilities bills, a real estate investor turns up as a perfect buyer. Thus, if you are to sell your inherited house rather than standing ‘probate will in NJ,’ it’s good to choose an investor like Turbo Home Solutions. You will get the value soon.

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